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Efrosyni has helped thousands of businesses and entrepreneurs grow in their field. 

So what do people say about her?

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Peter Powderham

PETER POWDERHAM, Network Marketing/MLM Industry Legend

"I have known Efrosyni Adamides for over ten years and had the pleasure of working with her on numerous occasions both in collaboration with our mutual colleagues and also individually on specific projects.  Her commitment to any task is exceptional and during my four decade career in network marketing I would place her in the top ten of any list I may draw up to identify `servant leadership'.  


In this regard Efrosyni excels at coaching and mentoring individuals and associated groups toward network marketing success and is more than qualified to do so.  I would highly recommend anybody committed to their future in that industry to work closely with her and establish the relationship of understanding she can deliver.


She exemplifies how to focus on the practicalities of task and the deliverable processes required to get the results she already believes are within grasp. Add to this her loyalty and dedication to others, whom she supports and the undoubted fact that one would be able to rely on her any time she promised to be engaged towards a mutual goal or task.  


Finally, in my experience, I have rarely come across someone as `tenacious' as Efrosyni Adamides.  What you see is what you get with Efrosyni and what you get is the chance to be associated with a focused and success minded winner."

Matt Morris

MATT MORRIS, Top Network Marketing Trainer & Best-Selling Author

"Having promoted over 150 of the top speakers in the industry, Efrosyni is one of the most powerful and dynamic I've ever worked with. Through her leadership and training abilities, my sales organizations increased by well over $20 million dollars in less than 3 years because of her direct involvement."

Marc Accetta

MARC ACCETTA, Speaker, Trainer & Success Coach

"Efrosyni is one of the most tenacious leaders I have ever worked with. She has overcome every challenge she has ever faced...and she has done it with a smile on her face!


She is also a great speaker and trainer and among the very best event promoters I have ever worked with!"

Johnny Wimbrey

JOHNNY WIMBREY, Inspirational Speaker & Motivator

"There are many people who read about history and then there are some who make history, Efrosyni is not only a history maker but also a record breaker. Her unique ability to move people to all out action put her in a league of her own. You have made your mark on the world Efrosyni, with your message, passion, and determination to empower the masses is admirable... your best is yet to come!"

Amanda Gore.jpg

AMANDA GORE, Physiotherapist & Master Practitioner in NLP

"If you want an inspiring, engaging, great content speaker - call Efrosyni! She delivers and is very easy to work with!"



"You are a wonderful speaker and I so looking forward to listening to you again. That you talk everything between law of attraction to action.


I have observed that our company and speakers are awesome to fire up people and talk to them who wants to focus on this and be successful. The real life is that over 50% have different whys and goals as a rep.  Is it possible to connect with them a bit as well? And what could be good for them. Have that in mind during education.


Experts say 10% succeed to the top. Yes, that's true, but also maybe we want different levels and are willing to give different amount of time and that is OK and as it should be. You follow? You, if anyone and of course every good leader, know this , would be awesome if we could apply it in our big events as well."

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“Enjoyed a truly special training day with Efrosyni Adamides. Thank you for sharing your journey and being vulnerable, you really touched me. Wishing you much deserved success!”

Efrosyni Speaking Live


“Good morning dear, just to say that getting to know a bit more of your struggles made me even more inspired by you. I appreciate your energy you bring to us and I am grateful that we have leaders like you to present to our prospects. All my love.”

Jodie McGovern.png


“Wow what a fantastic day. With the fantastic Efrosyni Adamides. Thank you, you are such a fantastic leader and trainer.”



"Thank you. I just want to take the time and thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom. I have been to many regionals and trainings, but this one, I don't know what it is, I cant describe it, had a real impact on me.

Keep on doing what you are doing."

Rosemary Green.jpg


“Hi Efrosyni, just wanted to thank you for your time and energy training us all today. Takes courage to stand in front of a crowd and talk about yourself. I am happy for you that you have created such an amazing business. Well done.”

Keshia Denis.png


“Bethany and I with one of our awesome trainers Efrosyni. Learnt so much from her today, tools of knowledge that I will take and use personally and for my business.”



“A big thank you Efrosyni Adamides for an outstanding and emotional training. You rock! Love you lots.”

Joti Andrews Solo


“Super Saturday in more ways then one. Great training delivered by an amazing lady Efrosyni Adamides, overwhelmed by the information received & advice given. So humble and genuine in wanting to help members to progress their businesses. Efaristo poli. Eternally grateful.”


You are a true inspiration and congratulations for all your work!


Dear Efrosyni we're really grateful that we had you here. You're a life changing person. Thank you so much.


Thank you very much for everything.You've taught me a lot!


Professional trains and amateurs complain. If your WHY is BIG enough, the how is none of your business. Thanks you Efrosyni for giving us more tools for greatness.


Thank you Efrosyni Adamides, you are a true inspiration. Thank you for that great leadership and advise. Best of the best.


Thank you Efrosyni Adamides just want to let you know you were one of the first trainers I ever seen in this company and anytime you talk I shut up and listen and take everything to heart ! I pray to be where you are one day. You made it all possible, thanks.


A wow of a weekend for all of the world Efrosyni!!!


Thank you so much for today Efrosyni. It was an incredible room to be in and your energy has kicked me in the ass. Everyone was so engaging. If you ever need a skydive buddy, I'm there! 


I really enjoyed your training! Thanks for your inspirational thoughts.


Thanks again for being in Hungary! The seminar and your job were more than amazing! People loved you so much and you could get them to be enthusiastic. Thanks again, we have learned a lot form you and it was a great help to Hungary and to our team!


Thank you for inspiring us today. You did an awesome job!


 I wish I could have half of your strength and inspirations for this reason I admire you so much! God Bless you and your family!!! Keep in touch!!!

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