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What Makes An Entrepreneur Successful?

The goal to be a successful entrepreneur is a shared yearning among people who are in business. There are different points of view associated to that query: What makes entrepreneurs successful? 

We are now co-habiting in the era of Entrepreneurial Enlightenment, in which the power of information technology has been rapidly rising for the last thirty years and has currently reached a stage of maturity that has begun to prompt a reform of the international economy.

Successful entrepreneurs are not significant risk takers; however, they estimate risks according to the principle that the future is basically random.  The basic of effectual reasoning, thus is a change from the usual causal paradigm, to the degree in which the future is unpredictable. Aspiring entrepreneurs could say “I can control it” to a marginal manner of acting and thinking, “ to the level in which I take control of the future, I do not require to foresee it.” So how does one control a future if it is not foreseeable?

The answer to this query depends on some principles about where the future comes from. Is the future greatly an extension of the past? To what level can human interaction actually transform its course? While there are a lot of uncertainties in the future, not all are of the same kind. Entrepreneurs opt to view the future by effectual reasoning. May it be intentionally or unintentionally, they perform as if they agree that the future does not exist to be unfolded, but that it gets built by the schemes of the entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurship has always been about what one knows and who they know. The World Wide Web has transformed that. Every minute is a chance, to build something, to market something. Now, it is only about one thing: How creative does an entrepreneur need to be to stand out in the crowd?

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