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Talking About 'The Golden Age Of Entrepreneurship'

There is no doubt that entrepreneurs nowadays get it better. A start up process can be done by anyone with some time and a fast internet connection.

Considering the present day’s trend and tech looking to favor in business, is it safe to proclaim that entrepreneurship is in its “golden age?”

Firstly, semantics of the term “golden age” should be explained. It is a very broad phrase, with no intrinsic measurable elements. Everyone could explain the age entrepreneurs are in, for instance, as better than standard time for entrepreneurs, or the only chance entrepreneurs will never experience again.

Jason Demers analysed the “golden” word. The term itself is also confusing and might imply only an era where entrepreneurs can make more profits out of it, or an era when the most entrepreneurs are rivaling in one market.

A “golden age” of entrepreneurship implies to an age that makes it easy for entrepreneurs to build enterprises and more possibly that those businesses succeed, and operate to a level beyond higher that what we have practiced in the past decades.

Making a final verdict is difficult because it needs more analysis on the subjective implications of the term “golden age.” Today, entrepreneurs have more resources, opportunities, global connectivity because of information technology and more possibilities to succeed that they have ever experienced before, however these new  window of opportunities let new demands, new restrictions and new challenges to enter in.

If the “golden age of entrepreneurship” refers to business practices, we may now say, yes. It is the golden age of entrepreneurship, although, it is up to the entrepreneurs to be successful in their respective business.   If you are an aspiring entrepreneur- do you believe you have what it takes? 

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