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Clarity Of Vision: The Start Of Your Journey To SUCCESS

Clarity is just the beginning of setting a solid foundation for success. If you don't have a clear goal or vision of what you wish to achieve how will you know when you get there?  Also if you don't keep your eye on the prize, the journey can become even more painful.  

I remember when I was recently on a trip to Africa to speak at various events and with a friend we decided to visit Victoria falls which was an absolute priceless experience and one that I highly recommend to everyone. During that to cater for my taste for adventure we decided to do ziplining, the flying fox and the gorge swing. The flying fox reminded me very much of a bungee jump that I did in New Zealand, the 2nd highest in the world which was not the most pleasant experience for me as instead of jumping off the platform, I slipped and fell. 

So here I am, on the platform of the flying fox and the coordinator is telling me to run and jump off and I am walking like I'm walking the green mile.  But what got me through is focusing on the end goal which is reaching the other side safely. If I look down all I can think about is if the fall doesn't kill me then the crocodiles in the water certainly will. So I just Focused on reaching the other side and celebrating completion. Naturally I did and you can see the excitement on my face in the picture. 

So what do you really desire? What is your vision in life? Clarity means knowing your answers to these questions. 

From the perspective of an entrepreneur, clarity refers to having unrestrained perspective of your vision, which is what and why you want it, filled with understanding of its value and purpose.  In the past, leaders in organizations didn’t see any requirement to talk about the why. They just expected people to do what they were told however, when people understand the reasons behind the value and purpose, the integration leads to a level of clarity that has sufficient impact or becomes a motivation. It develops the fuel of change that makes you to be pulled to your vision, instead of pushed. 

Most people are not aware of what clarity is and react to a talk of clarity with hesitance. Of course, entrepreneurs know what their vision is. It is valuable to know that clarity of vision is more than a well-planned vision statement to go in every mind of a person.  The most important thing is, it has to be solid. 

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