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Determination, Go Through The Pain - It's Worth It!

So I'm here in gorgeous Africa and I want speak to you about determination. I’ve literally I’ve been here since last Thursday and I'll tell you what it's definitely made me very appreciative of the lifestyle we've actually got access to in Australia, where I'm based.

And I've seen the way some people live here and I've seen the ones that are really determined to make a difference and what sacrifices they are willing to make. See a lot of people everybody wants a better quality of life, everybody's got bigger goals everybody wants to be able to have the kind of lifestyle they've always dreamt of. If you ask pretty much everybody, I do speak to a lot of people on a daily basis, if they had the choice they would be living in a better house and driving a better car, living a better quality of life, everybody’s got that dream.

Sometimes you're in that entrepreneurial journey and you start off with the dream but I'll tell you what, people are not prepared to go through sometimes; is the struggle. See there are three phases to building a business. First is the dream, then you have to go through the struggle, before you enjoy the prize. Everybody wants to enjoy the prize without paying the price and it's inevitable. Whatever you want to accomplish, if it was easy, everybody would have accomplished it, if it was easy everybody would be a millionaire, if it was easy everybody would live that dream quality of life that they've always wanted to, but the key is the struggle; that's what makes it worth it. You gotta to be so determined; you need be willing to go through and in Africa right now, I’m definitely in my comfort zone.

This is actually a nice hotel where I'm actually based right now, but I'll tell you what, I've driven around and I've done meetings in random places such as kindergardens, driving past sheds and seen the way that some people live and it's not comfortable sometimes, to do what I'm actually doing right now, it’s definitely pushing me out of my comfort zone to be at the other side of the world. Going through some of the conditions that I have had to go through and I'm not telling that to impress you, I just want to open up your mind to the possibilities that when you're hungry for something you'll go through it. You will go through and pay that price you'll go through and you will overcome the struggle and once you do that I'll tell you what the prize is totally worth it; the price of freedom is worth paying for, the price of living the quality of life that you've always dreamt of it’s worth paying for, so just go out be determined stay focused on your goals and make it happen.

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