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Drop Those Repeated Phone Calls; How To Effectively Manage Your Sales

There are a lot of misbeliefs about how to sell successfully. Some sales people dive in with just one objective in mind: to seal the deal. Others swing it and hope that their knowledge about what they offer, talent and charm will work and will give them the sale.  A few salespeople even believe that the best thing is to make repeated phone calls until they get an answer from their prospects. This is not right.

Do not try to discover a magical thing that you can say or do to get the prospect to buy. There is none. You should focus on finding the right sales activities and the most productive time to do it.

It is not just about how you reach out to your prospects; it is also about how you manage them. Here are some tips from a great sales expert, Efrosyni Adamides:

1. Know what things that you do that can drive more sales. It may be inviting people, booking appointments, presenting to people, following up or closing people and upselling to customers because 80 percent of your sales comes from 20 percent of selling to customers, it is better to focus on what those 20 percent are. As you would really like to focus on those 20 percent and make them really happy. This will help you generate a lot of income.

2. Identify the income producing activities and the income producing hours, and then make the most of these opportunities.

3. Be on top of things to achieve your financial goals and career goals. Do the necessary income producing activities. Staying in the office for 8 long hours would not drive sales income to your company.

Remember, the best sales people understand this process and have the passion to developing their skills. They do not just swing it and they do not make things up as they process. They are dedicated to learn how to manage their sales, and as they do it every single day, their skills develop and improve.

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