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How Do You Keep Your Calm?

Hello from beautiful Shenzhen! Right now we're at the Window of the World. Behind me is this beautiful fountain and if you look over there the Eiffel Tower, the Colosseum and a whole bunch of different sights; this is a really cool place.

Today I was speaking with someone and he said to me, “how do you keep your cool? How do you maintain a calm state and especially, when challenging situations happen?” Emotional intelligence is one of the most important things to exercise on a constant basis. Especially when you're building your own business and one of the things that have always helped me is, I remember a little while ago that, I watched a video by Bruce Lee; one of my heroes and someone I really respect.

One of the things he was saying is, "be like water," the water behind me is the most versatile thing you can have. You can steam it, it could go through the narrowest place, it could flow with pressure or it could trickle down a little river. It is one of the most flexible things in the world.”

The same thing is that with us; as people when certain things happen in life or challenges that frustrate you; just think of water. Just be like water, be one of those versatile things. Let things just wash off you and if you literally just hold your breath, take three deep breaths or literally count to three, if you do this one small step before you react to anything that has happened magic will happen. 

That's probably the best piece of advice that I have received; before you react, count to three, take a couple of a deep breath and literally the way that you will act, instead of reacting, it is going to be so different every single time.

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