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Introducing Efrosyni's L-E-A-D-E-R Formula

We hear the word LEADER being thrown around on a regular basis but how many people really know what are the characteristics or traits that a leader should have? Or how does a leader behave in certain situations?

Whether you are leading a small team, a sports team,or a huge organisation of thousands, what I always I found useful is having a short formula that acts as a gauge and keeps me on track as a leader.

L-Lead by Example

E- Empathise

A- Authentic

D- Develops themselves & Other leaders

E- Empower

R- Raises the bar

A leader sets the people around him or her up for SUCCESS. As a leader, you should have an in-depth knowledge of each person, for example what. Motivates them, what their goals or aspirations are or perhaps have a clear understanding of their career objectives. By committing to support each staff or team member obtain their personal objectives; the leader sets the organization up for SUCCESS. A good leader should be a good listener in order to address issues before they become big problems. As a leader, it is our task to establish goals, build trust and foster open communication within the team or organisation. Be a compassionate and passionate leader who can energize your people.

Let's take the first step of being a leader: L means Lead by Example.

It is our job as a LEADER to be an inspiration to our people in order for them to push themselves, in doing so, the organization will have a strong foundation and have a bigger chance to move higher. How? Show them what's possible through our own actions.

Mahatma Gandhi is one great example, he is a SUCCESSFUL and ACCOMPLISHED Leader that inspired millions through his actions. He spent most of his life doing what he preached to others. He was dedicated to resist injustice, violence and people followed his ways. Since his life is a living proof, he led the people to independence, it could be done through LEADING BY EXAMPLE.

Yes, every organization has different situation, the situation of Gandhi is different from other LEADERS. However, when you LEAD BY EXAMPLE, you make an impression of what is possible. Your people can see it as, if our leader can do it, we can do it as well. It will be easy for them to follow.

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