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O - Overcome: Designing Your Bomba Lifestyle

To create a Bomba lifestyle, O-stands for Overcome, so thing is that first, you got the dream, the dream that you want to create.

Whether it is a better quality of life for yourself, going into business for yourself, or maybe has a better paycheck, whatever it is that actually drives you that are the dream. You may have this in your mind and you believe you can make it happen but first the universe is going to challenge you to see how badly you want it. Because let's face it, if it was easy, to be financially free, then everybody would be doing it. Why is it that such a huge percentage of the population will basically work their whole life and they get to the time they are about to retire, but simply can’t afford to. It’s purely because this small percentage that succeeds is the one that is willing to pay the price.

There's a lot people that sometimes they get their first challenges, whenever they pursue a dream, as the universe is testing them to see whether you have what it takes to go out and make it happen, and instead of going through these challenges and understanding they are here to test me, to help me build that character that I need, in order to  go out and make things happen; They say: “well look at what i’m facing, maybe it is a sign that I am not meant to have it”. That's just the easy way out, the right way is  and keep moving forward, to keep your eye on the prize and where you're actually going.

You can see it from the picture right now, sometimes you're going to get struggle coming from different dream stealers. What do I mean by dream stealers?  Basically, the people that sometimes may be close to you, people that, they say something that is going to steal your dream, or maybe even worse, kill your dream.  Things like, “don't go out and do that; there is a crisis going on. Why would you want to have a business right now? It's risky, what are you thinking? You know, you don't even have what it takes in order to go out and make it happen. Or maybe telling you, that its not going to work. Or maybe, using guilt, maybe you're a mom and by going out in pursuing something, spending time away from your kids, and they are asking you “what kind of mother are you?  You're not spending enough time with your kids.”

You're role is to be in the home, raising the kids or anything along those lines, and all these things, all they do is put seeds of doubt, fear, guilt, all these negative emotions associated with the journey. The thing is guys; you always got two choices in life.

You can prove people right, the ones that tell you, this is not going to work, whatever you are doing and that your dreams are not realistic, or any of that stuff; you can prove them right, or you can prove them wrong. That is entirely down to you.  It’s all a choice.  One of my favorite quotes is from Michael Jordan, it says "Some people wanted it to happen; some people wish that it would happen, and others make it happen."

See, you know, a lot of people have a wish bone, but what you really need is a back bone, something that is going to basically to toughen you up and make you realize that every single person that has made any huge success in their life happen, they failed their way to success not because they didn't have some struggles, they had the struggles and made the choice to overcome them.

The great example is Thomas Edison, Thomas Edison, if you haven't heard of him; he is a guy that invented the light bulb. It took him 10,000 attempts in order to invent the light bulb. When he got asked by a journalist: “How does it feel to fail 9,999 times?” He said, “I didn't fail 9,999 times! I just found 9,999 ways that the light bulb doesn't work!” 

You know, he failed his way to success, the only ways to fail guys, is purely by giving up on your dreams. So if you don't give up on your dreams, it doesn't matter how long it takes you. You just keep moving forward and get through your challenges. The only way you can get through, to your success is by getting through the challenges. There's no way around it. Maybe you can go under, under it, over it, around it, through it. But you can't get to the prize unless you are willing to pay the price.

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