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Stay On Track In The Midst Of Disruptions

We strive in a world with millions of possible interruptions, emergencies, distractions and pressures; so how can we Stay on track towards our goals and achieve SUCCESS?

There will be some things continuously competing for our attention and time, team members to supervise, clients, emails, distractions with social media and of course personal matters. On the other hand, whenever you try to get too many things done at the same time, it is inevitable that none of them get accomplished.

So what are some of the key steps you can take to stay on track?

1.  Start with the End in mind:  What is your end goal you wish to achieve?  One of my favourite mentors Jim Rohn, said spend a month planning your year, a day to plan your month, a few hours to plan your week and a few minutes to plan your day.  By starting with a plan this will ensure that you stay on track. 

2.  Chunk Things:  Remember a journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step. Sometimes if you look at everything you need to do for teh day or the week can be overwhelming.  So chunking your time helps, group yoru action items and work on one group until its completed. 

3. Business success comes down to focus.  Most people stop and start different tasks and in the end don't may not even finish things or they keep deferring and procrastinating; as a result getting frustrated.  What I find always works for me, is setting a list of priorities of what needs to get done today and also once when I finish my urgent things for the day I also give myself a reward.  This is powerful as when you complete tasks it has been proven it releases endorphens in your body which also makes you feel good.  This combined with a way to treat yourself will program your subconscious powerful success habits. 

4. Are you being Efficient or Effective? Have you ever meet people that are always busy yet never really manage to achieve anything?  Sometimes we can get absorbed by activities and lose track of time but the main thing is how much of what we are doing is income producing activiies? This one piece of advice has helped me generate millions of revenue!  Its important to know what your income producing activities are for your business and also what your peak times are.  During those times, avoid anything that may distract you and invest the majority of your time to income producing activities.

We can easily lose momentum of what is most valuable to our well-being and business success because of disruptions mentioned above.  Just remember, apply the simple steps above and always be in touch to what is most important to you and your SUCCESS.

S-stands for Show the World you can do it and Celebrate

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