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What's Your Story?

Hello from beautiful Malta. It has been a great couple of days; I have been here speaking at an event for the weekend and then I’ll be going to London and of course I’m at the airport right now. I was thinking about beliefs because I was speaking to a couple of people that came up to me during the event, and said to me, "look you know, I'm finding it difficult because my demographic, (they were quite young), is too young to do this and they are not taking it seriously."

I was thinking about limiting beliefs because we all have limiting beliefs. A good way to identify what your limiting beliefs are, when you look at a particular problem in your life, for example, maybe you don't have the success that you want in your business; maybe you don't have the success that you want in your relationship or in your health, something like that. It's usually when you look at the particular problem and a good way to give it away what your beliefs are around that problem is when you use the word BECAUSE. So, for example, I'm not successful in my business at the moment because, and then you're telling yourself the story, the story that essentially is not necessarily true because there's a difference between reality and beliefs.

See the thing is, this particular young man, that I had a conversation with, he had the idea in his mind and the limiting belief that he was too young to be taken seriously, by his demographic. Then I told him a couple of stories of people the same age as him that had a huge success that didn't buy not the “I'm too young“ belief because that belief is disempowering. So, the other thing that you gotta ask yourself is when you identify what your beliefs are, ask yourself, is that something that is is empowering you? Or is this something that is holding you back? Is the story that you are telling yourself about a particular problem, something that's gonna helps you to push past the problem or is it something that is gonna hold you back? You can replace a limiting belief with something different. You can turn around and look at the same problem, literally the same way that you are flipping the other side of the coin and go what's a different question that I can ask myself that will be a lot more empowering than this current question?

Literally, by flipping the coin and asking the opposite question or reversing the sentence that you have been saying to yourself, and if you say it enough times you will start to believe it and when you believe it, you will get empowered and you will push through it. I hope this has been helpful, click on the details below, and subscribe to our newsletter, so you can get this in your inbox, every single week. 

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